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For at-capacity service pros and coaches ready to make business simpler, sustainable and more scalable

Inside of Pimp My Ops we’ll custom build your project management and client delivery operational engine to cut your working hours in half in 90 days stress-free.

Running business from your head isn’t scalable

As a high earning entrepreneur, you aren’t afraid of the hard work; but it’s because of putting too much on your plate that you’re finding it impossible to step backfrom business.

While you’ve gotten familiar with the weekend Slack notifications, the late evening client work, and frantic emails sent off when you remember that task you forgot from two days ago, you’ve been viewing scaling as both the escape from your 40+ hour weeks, and the goal to earn some time back into your schedule.

This feels like the dues you need to pay, HOWEVER, this is ineffective as a small business owner and service provider.

Fact is: You can’t SCALE, what you can’t SUSTAIN.

In the first 30 days, we’ll identify where you you are leaving money on the table and how to add money back into your business fast before we’ve even touched your tech.

Pimp My Ops is going to help you cut your working hours in half, while increasing your revenue

We strategize, design, and implement operational changes in your business to take you out of the daily operations of running your business.

By the end of our time together,  you will experience a luxuriously open calendar to fill with life priorities, and feel secure in the growth of your business thanks to a custom operational transformation.

Inclusions/Features and Benefits: Pimp My Ops Includes:

Pimp My Ops Includes:

Investment: $2500/3 months
or $7500 in full

the process

Here's How It Works

We Get to Know You
On our initial pre-homework and audit call, where we pinpoint operational, strategic, and mindset bottlenecks keeping you stuck working IN business.
Our Team Gets To Work
We take your business vision mixed with actionable data to create customized solutions to standardize processes, solidify team responsibilities, and refine your workflows to save you time and money
You + Your Team Are Trained
You fire up your computer to see a completely customized and fully implemented system for your project management, client experience and team management along with a fresh set of trainings + 90 days support with us!

We can fine tune your:

  • Onboarding set-ups

    Still manually sending out invoices? We’ll streamline your entire onboarding process so your clients can receive contracts, pay their bill, get access to their portals, and next steps without you lifting a finger
  • Lead management flows

    Always missing follow ups in the DMs? We’ll update your lead management processes so you never miss a potential client!r
  • Retention workflows

    Always remembering a month later that you needed a testimonial? Let us fine tune that system for you so you never leave money on the table
  • Zapier automations

    Keep getting notifications of Zaps failing? We’ll clean up your Zapier workflows so they all work smoothly 
And more!

Answers To The Questions You Have

Our philosophy is to find the software that fits best with your way of working. Inside our Ops Health Check document, we provide software and app recommendations we feel would suit your business best.

We get it, which is why we ask for no more than 3 hours of your time on calls throughout the entire month. The trainings + walkthroughs will be delivered via Loom and Google Docs, for you to review at your own leisure.

If you feel like despite having those systems you still are over-capacitated in your business, yes. We dive into your latest operational set up to find what is bogging you down, what is costing you time, and create custom solutions to accelerate it.

Yes! You get 30 days of tech support post-delivery,  60-day check in call to ensure everyone has adjusted to the systems thoroughly AND 90 day KPI check to see how the performance of your operations are doing in giving you time back!

Did we just become best friends?

Hi, I’m Elisabeth👋🏾 Your Resident Operations Consultant + Systems Friend

As a recovering workaholic and 24/7 hustler I know the feeling of building towards your vision, only to find you have built yourself a very stressful job instead.

I help Service Provider Small Businesses, Consultants and Coaches get OUT of overwhelm by streamlining their backends, so they can focus on enjoying their life without losing momentum in their revenue.

I have a mix of agency project management experience, process improvement best practices and coaching background to build a business foundation that aligns with the vision you have in the most sustainable way possible.

You ready to have the systems to double your client capacity?

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